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We are always looking to improve the appearance of our teeth to make us look more attractive and give us that sense of personal security that we so badly need in this competitive world. We know how important it is for our interpersonal and work relationships to have a beautiful smile; for this reason we most desire to be able to smile without feeling embarrassed but many of us find it difficult to access the high costs that dentists in the USA and Canada charge for ceramic dental veneers.

But let’s not get confused, high prices don’t always mean better quality; in the USA and Canada dental treatments are expensive for several reasons such as expensive university education, high salaries of the personnel employed in the dental practice, pricey insurance, onerous state operating licenses, high property prices and endless expenses that add to the cost of dental treatments.

Colombia is a country where sanitary authorities, as well as those in the USA and Canada, set the bar very high at the time of approving a dental practice; in Colombia too, dental clinics have high operating costs but as everything is relative, high prices for us do not mean the same as in the USA or Canada due to the difference in the cost of living between our countries and an exchange rate at this time very favorable for foreigners.

Dental aesthetics in Colombia is one of the areas of dentistry most sought after by locals and foreigners thanks to the excellent results and the high quality of materials used. These factors, together with the fact that we own the dental laboratory that prepares our dental pieces, allow us to offer highly competitive and accessible prices to all our international clients.

Quality Dental Veneers: The Key to a Perfect Smile

Dental veneers are an ideal solution for stained, misaligned, worn, uneven, abnormally separated or superficially fractured teeth; it is an aesthetic treatment that allows you to obtain the teeth you want so much, natural looking, without imperfections.

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But be careful with your options! 

There are different types of dental veneers such as the cheap ones made of composite but that are not very esthetic and durable; on the other hand, the top-notch ceramic veneers are the most recommended ones because of their beauty, quality and durability. The porcelain we use to manufacture our dental veneers is made with a high-tech substance called Lithium Disilicate with which we manage to give shape and texture to the tooth, obtaining a color reflection and translucency practically equal to those of real, beautiful and perfect teeth! 

It has been demonstrated that lithium disilicate is up to 3 times more resistant than other materials used for the same purpose and gives dental veneers strength, aesthetic quality and high durability. 

The Key Factors for obtaining high quality, low cost ceramic veneers are simple and we put them into practice:

An accurate dental and facial analysis that includes the evaluation of aspects such as the midline of the teeth, the smile line, gingival scalloping, the shape and size of the teeth, the golden ratio, the shape of the face, the facial and dental angles, the high, medium and low smile and finally the color; for this we have an expert dentist in smile design.
A perfect dental impression is taken which allows us to make an exactly equal model of the patient’s teeth. A model of the teeth capable of reproducing all the details of the surface and its three-dimensional shape is fundamental for the final process to proceed without flaws and we have a specialist especially trained for this.
Total supervision over the laboratory that makes the veneers and for this we have our own dental laboratory with two trained technicians. The material we use for manufacturing the veneers is lithium disilicate ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent AG, a European company of high international prestige.
Ceramic veneer cementation is a crucial step to get the long-lasting smile you deserve. The greatness of high-end aesthetic bonded restorations needs bond strength and an intimate adhesion to the teeth. We achieve this perfect adhesion using BisCem® high quality cement from the American company BISCO Dental.

We can guarantee that even considering the costs of airfare, hotel and meals, you will be able to save up to 70% of what a similar dental work would cost in the USA or Canada. 

The procedure to install our high quality and beautiful porcelain veneers requires no or minimal previous preparation of the tooth, no tooth grinding hence keeping enamel intact. 

Contact us to learn more about our services and start having the smile you deserve.

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    Note: Not all people are good candidates for minimal preparation ceramic veneers so please send along with the contact form high resolution and well lit photos of the front teeth from 3 or 4 different angles.